Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friends, Fun, and Five Weeks

Lucas turned 5 weeks yesterday!!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! And how fast Luke's still amazes me at the differences b/t him and J. We were with some friends last night and L didn't crack a this age J cried all the time. L loves to be swaddled - J hated it! By now, J loved bath time - L still getting used to it... They are going to be like night and day, so I hear...we will see, right?

He has gotten so big! I know I keep saying it, but he's much bigger than Jackson was at this age. He's doing great - really a great baby :) He sleeps as well as someone his age can. He teases us with 4+ hours of sleep, only to follow with 2 1/2 ( in the middle of the night, no less). But he takes his bottle and goes straight back to sleep, so I'm sure in a couple more weeks, he'll go 6+ and quit teasing.

Jackson's giving us this look a lot these days - "Who ME???" And yes, my son, you! He's so clingy with Wes and me when it's just the four of us at the house these day, but he's so precious when he wants to be loving on us. AND he's testing me - what in the world!!! Now he is acting differently around me than before - so tell me how long does this last??? I could handle it when he was testing the grandparents - that was expected - but me??? Just b/c I had his little brother??? When will it stop??? When we're around other people, he's completely different - the little social butterfly. Last night we went over to Leslie and Lee's to eat, and he was everywhere, talking to everyone. At their house, we always get a game of cornhole, and now the kids have to join in... Jackson hasn't quite learned that you throw the beanbag in - he just climbs up there and places it in the hole - if it was only that easy, lol.

And of course, what goes up, must come down...
Leslie and Hannah, Mary Allison, Kathy and Zoe Claire

Mary with Lucas...I don't think Wes or I held him more than 2 minutes the entire
time we were there ;)
We've discovered that Luke loves the play mat :D He will lay on his back for about 20 minutes listening to the music and watching the lights. Soon he will be really batting at the toys that dangle above his head. He's still learning to maybe like tummy time. He's doing great raising his head up though and each day stands it a little longer - he's gonna be like his big bro and turning over early at this rate! So, 5 weeks here we are!

And, big brother has yet to slow down. This picture pretty much sums up J...I'm so glad we bought a house that has a big FENCED IN back yard ;) Now that the weather's nice, we're outside lots everyday!!!

Now that A-day and the NFL draft are over, the football background is gone - replace with the new beachy background, since 1/2 of our next month will be at the beach! Yea!!! Now..I have to start packing to take 2 little boys to the beach on Wednesday...should be an adventure - our first long trip (over 2 hours) w/ 2....


jennifer said...

He DOES look like a big boy! Both of your sons are precious.

The testing thing is natural to all kids but I think you made a good point; Mommy just had a baby. It seems logical that it would make a difference in Jackson's life and routine, and might make him try you a little more. If I remember correctly, it was that way with my oldest daughter.

Right now, I know it is hard work for you but one day, you will be SO glad that your boys are close in age. It's not ALWAYS perfect, but it has been wonderful for our family over all.

Have a great week Heather!

Jennie said...

I love your pictures Heather! And good luck on the trip to the beach - I am sure you will have lots of fun!

Ali said...

They are growing too fast! When are you back at work? I'll be in town Thursday and Friday July 9th and 10th ish...I hope we can get together!

jennifer said...

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day Heather. Be blessed!