Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

So, here are the pics from Saturday's Easter Egg hunt. It was as much fun as Jackson could have. There were about 100 children aged 2 and under, plus parents and some siblings in the park. It was pretty cold, but I just had to have Jackson in this little outfit. He had a jacket, but he didn't want to wear it, and I wasn't gonna fight with him about that ;)

It's kinda hard to tell, but it's got an Easter bunny, carrots, and Easter eggs on it :)

Wes had to hold him while we waited for them to say start or he would be a mile away. Once they said start, he was off...

Picking up eggs and putting them in his basket. He did a good job!

After 10 or so eggs, he began to lose interest. Mary tried to steer him back in the right direction. At one point he took off into the open field to run wide open - I know everyone is as shocked as we were, lol.

Afterwards, Jackson and Emma sat very briefly on the rocks. Then we headed down to see the waterfall.

Then J was off again...

Wes' parents stayed the weekend with us. It's always nice to have some extra hands, especially when they are a grandmother's and they love to hold babies!!!


Beth said...

Too cute!!! I LOVE the outfit - I didn't have any cute little outfits for the girls this year, so I just put them in some little dresses...One of the girls I work with had gotten Brady a cute little outfit and I, too, was determined to have him in it!!!

Hope you guys are doing well.

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