Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Time

We've been hanging with my side of the family for the past couple of days. It's always nice when everyone's in town, especially Noel Mark and Joanna!

Who doesn't start their day reading?

We've been calling L our little inchworm because he loves to be swaddled and reminds us of those inchworm dolls they used to have - y'all remember those right? He's so cute with everything wrapped up and his little head sticking out ;) But whatever it takes to make him happy!

Almost asleep....

The daddy to be practicing - he'll be great!

Aunt Joey helping Jackson color with his new markers that the Easter bunny left with her, easy to do for an art teacher!

Grandma holding Luke - she helped out with him sooooo much the past few days :)

Granddad and Jackson, almost inserparable when together, share a quiet minute (literally) on the couch.
I hate that everyone has to leave tomorrow, but it was great having them here.
And, did you notice the blog background change - it's in honor of A-Day (not the one on ESPN either!!!). We are starting to get in football mode around the house already. Tomorrow we're headed to Auburn to spend a few days, go to the game, and hang out. Also, we're testing out our new TRAVEL TRAILER! Yep, we're pretty excited around here!!!!


Beth said...

Well - I'm super excited about the one on ESPN!!!! But I hope you guys have fun at the "other" one, too!

The pics are great - both kids are just adorable...

Tammy said...

Have a fun trip! I'm gonna watch mine on ESPN! :-P

Leesa said...

I love seeing all of the pics you've been posting.