Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Mom!!! Hope you have a great one!!!

We've had a great weekend! Speaking of birthdays, we had a little party for Wes last night to celebrate his upcoming birthday...the big 3-0. I would love to upload some pics, but blogger is not cooperating, so I will upload them later. We had some supper at the house, then we went out to Wine'd Down. It was a great place to go. We were able to sit and have a drink and talk to everyone. Thanks to everyone who came :-)

Saturday we woke up to SNOW!! Here's a few pics that I got to upload. We took Jackson outside for a few minutes to see the snow again. He'll probably be 5 or 6 before he sees it again, lol.

He's always, well almost always, smiling these days.

I love this one :-)


Leesa said...

Cute pics. I had a good time last night. I hope Wes had fun celebrating his 30ith b'day. We went to On Tap, when Wine'd Down closed. The best part was that I got to (sort of) sleep in, while Jason got up with Jack.

AliDyer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wes and Florence!!! :) Glad you guys had fun the other night. Jackson has the cutest smiles!