Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Away

We spent the weekend in Anniston, making the rounds. We spent a night at my parent's house, then a night at Wes' parents' house and saw some friends in between. It's great having family so close. I know everyone enjoys getting to see Jackson (and maybe Wes and me too, lol). I was really excited that we got to see Toni and Mark, and their children, Zoe and Cooper. Unfortunately, timing wasn't the greatest and all children were either sleepy or sleeping. Oh well, at least we got to catch up for a little bit, but no pictures to prove it. Next time! Other than that, things are the same around here. Work has been really busy lately. A couple of days last week I didn't even get to see Jackson all day, which I hate! But at least he's got his daddy with him all day. That is really working out well for us. Wes is doing well in school and only has a couple of weeks left in this term. Here are some pictures of what Jackson is doing these days:

Lots of tummy time - he rolls over so fast these days and pushes up on his arms all the time.

Grandma time...

This weekend the weather was so nice, so we spent a little time outside Saturday and Sunday.

Jackson's new favorite thing to put in his mouth - his toes. It's hilarious :-D

First time in the high chair at Grandma's house. Actually, first time ever in a high chair. We haven't put him in one here yet b/c we haven't started him on baby food yet. We are waiting about another month for that - look for pics of baby food everwhere soon to come ;-)

With Dianne

And with Cleo. He was so good when we went over to visit!

How could you not fall in love with this little guy?

Getting kisses from Daddy

Jackson is trying sooooo hard to sit up, but he's not there yet. So everyday he does his "ab work" and strengthens those muscles. I'm not sure why he wants to sit up so much because everytime we sit him up, he pushes off to stand up. The boy does not want to sit, he wants to stand. And he never really lost that stepping reflex; he still tries to "walk" when he's on his feet. It's too funny!

Now, look closely at this picture. "X" marks the spot where I left Jackson when I went into the kitchen to wash bottles (the never ending job!). Maybe 5 minutes later (maybe not even that long), I came back into the room and found Jackson about 7 feet away - watching basketball on tv. I have never seen him move that far, so I had to run and grab the camera to document it. Leesa has her little tumbleweed and we have our little roly poly!

Close up of him watching tv...



Leesa said...

I love the new pics. It truly was a beautiful weekend. Unfortunately, there are more cold days ahead. It looks like my parents were planning on staying in Bham Sat. night, anyway. We are looking forward to seeing you guys.

Tammy said...

He is getting so big! I remember one time when I left Caleb on his blanket only to return a few minutes later and he was "missing"-- found him after noticing the peace lily leaves moving from his little arms! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of him trying to sit up! Too funny. He has gotten so big!!

AliDyer said...

He's a fast one!! man, just think, soon you guys are going to be running circles trying to catch him! I hope y'all are doing ab exercises with're going to need it to keep up. Hehe-funny babies! Hmmmm, speaking of sit ups, man, I better get to some as well! ;) Thanks for the pictures!!! Happy belated Bday to your dad, and hello to the family!!!