Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inchworm and Playing in the Dirt

There are two parts to this blog, but unfortunately only one part has pictures...and it's not the cute part, lol. Jackson has been, and still is, our little roly poly, but he's now turned into our little inchworm as well. He's not able to crawl (yet) but when he's on his tummy, he pulls his legs up under him, sticks his bootie in the air, and inches forward. It's so cute (and funny) to watch, but we cannot catch it on camera or video!!! We'll get it soon I hope so that we can share it with everyone. Everything else is still the same with the little one. Hard to believe he'll be 6 months this coming up week - it's flying by and he's grown so much. I think he's hitting another growth spurt as well...seems like a few things that fit him just a week or so ago are almost too small :-( He's getting more personality and babbling more and more - I can't wait to hear his first words!!!

So the second part - playing in the dirt. We've been working on our back yard. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's pretty big, and we've dedicated a 20x18 ft spot for a vegetable garden. We've decided to make a raised bed, so it's the beginning of a process. And y'all know how the work schedule in anesthesia is (mainly being that you don't know how long you'll be at work haha) and it's not been that conducive yet to much building. Add to that a baby who's attention span is pretty short and a husband with bad allergies and you see where I'm going with this. Luckily, I'm off tomorrow b/c I'm on call tonight, so we're planning on getting a ton done. Hopefully more pics will follow tomorrow with a finished box and some dirt :-) Looking forward to playing in the dirt!!!

Here is the plot we're using...

Wes starting the process getting rid of grass and tilling the land.

A halfway completed raised bed frame.

Tomorrow we have to finish the frame and level things out before we can begin the process of dirt mixing and filling. Wish us luck!! If any of you have tips (like maybe Daisy), we'd love to hear them :-)

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Daisy said...

My tip? Call grandma to come watch Jackson!

Just kidding.

Looks like you guys are on a roll! I can't wait to see what you do... and I want to know the specs of that there rototiller. The handyman's been hankerin' after one of those for a while now, and I'm tired of driving all over creation to go see them. (well, not entirely, but I do wish that dream would come true for him so we could spend our time doing other things...)

Looking forward to more pictures!!! Good luck!