Monday, March 31, 2008

Inchworm and Playing in the Dirt: Part II + Mama Monday

Part I: Playing in the Dirt. Thankfully, last night was an eventless call night - my favorite kind!!! I love being a nurse anesthetist, and taking call is part of it, but it's awesome when my call nights are quiet and I don't get called back!!! So this morning we got up early (and so did J) and by 8:30 I had some work done in the house, Wes had gone to Lowes and Jackson was back down for a nap. We finished the box frame:

So easy

Wes hard at work

And the finished product. Since this pic we've loaded a yard and a half of dirt into it (but it's covered now w/ plastic b/c it's raining). It really wasn't as bad adding the dirt as we thought it would be. Acutally faster than we thought. Now we just have more dirt to add, then mix in the peat moss and the cow poop :-) We should have it done by the end of the week. Then we just have to put some plastic over it and heat the soil up to kill off any bad stuff. Could've bought it that way, but it was much more expensive!!!

Part II: The Inchworm

We managed to catch Jackson inching around today, but we had to get it while he was on our bed and distracted. He just freezes so often when he sees the camera or the camcorder. I guess they realize they're being watched, not sure. Anyway, here's the inchworm himself :-)

Part III: Mama Monday

A highschool classmate of mine, Erin, has started something on her blog called Mama Mondays. It's such a great idea! Each Monday she's got a different topic and all the bloggers can comment, add to it, whatever. Since we all know that parenthood is definitely trial and error (haha we've found that out fast and maybe we hope to learn from others), I love this idea!!! This week her topic is on Disney World, as she and her fam just got back from there... while we have nothing to add to this topic since it's gonna be a while since we go there, if any of you do, please post on it and let me know!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Leesa said...

I love the video. He has changed so much, since the last time I saw him.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny how he inches along without lifting his head! Too funny. Wes looks like the true handy man! Can't wait to see what veggies you grow!

Tammy said...

Here's my Mama Monday comment: wait until he's about 5!

Love the inchworm and the garden is gonna be great!

I love being a CRNA too, despite I was at the hospital working ALL weekend. I musta missed how to be on call and not have to work lecture! ;-)

Heather said...

We have to wait until he's at least 5 becuase Wes went when he was 4 and doesn't remember a thing! I don't know how the call thing worked out so well, but I'll take it :-)

AliDyer said...

Haha-thanks for the video. That was too cute! The garden is awesome! I wish we would do something like that. There is always something going on-and-we never seem to have time to do the things we want. Seriously, where does my time go? Anyway, very inspiring. Maybe I can get my Wes out there to play and create!