Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy, er Happy, Easter

Jackson enjoyed his first Easter, and he even managed to sit through church with only an hours worth of a nap. He only cried out a couple of times when he got tired. Thankfully all but one where while everyone else was singing...maybe he was just joinging in, haha. And the best part was he fell asleep in my arms (even though it was only for about 15 minutes), and it was the first time he has done that in months! It made me realize how fast he's growing up :-( We've spent the weekend in Anniston with the family and it was great to see everyone :-) Unfortunately, all of today's Easter pics of Jackson in his Easter outfit are on Jackie's camera, but I've got a few from the rest of the weekend. Hope it's been a good one for everyone!!

Sitting in Grandma's lap

With Granddad

Jackie and I had great plans for an Easter photo shoot yesterday...unfortunately the timing didn't quite work out...Jackson was starting to get sleepy and wanted to get into everything instead of sit still.

Uh, what are you doing???

Anything in his sight he now reaches for

He loved the Easter eggs, even though they didn't fit in his mouth ;-)

This is Wes' Easter bunny from a long time ago!! What better way to enjoy a childhood toy of your father's than to eat it!

Happy Easter!!!


Leesa said...

It sounds like Jack and Jackson had the same feelings about attending church. I couldn't believe that jack slept through the loud music. I hope you see you guys soon.

AliDyer said...

His smile is contagious! He looks so "big boy" when he smiles! Hope you guys had a great Easter! We were in Anniston until Sunday AM. Sorry we missed you! It's always busy when you go home to see the fam though.