Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

My love! 30 years ago you were born into this world...almost 25 years ago we met as little kids...15 years ago you came to Donoho...we became good friends, and the rest is history :-) Here's a few pics from the last 10 years or so (I didn't dig too deep, lol); hope you enjoy:

We were such babies in this one...this was right after Wes came back from basic my freshman year in college.

Right after we got engaged

Our first Christmas together married

Way back when in Auburn

At Tyler's wedding

Me and you 2 weeks before Jackson's arrival :-)

Proud Daddy on Jackson's first day!!!

At our fav place - the beach

Cape San Blas

At Noel Mark's wedding

Celebrating your return home from the Middle East

It's true what they say about men in uniform :-D

Riding in a Blackhawk, defending our freedom!

You're the best and Jackson and I LOVE YOU!!!! Here's to MANY more!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Wes!

Daisy said...

yay for birthdays! have a happy one, Wes!

AliDyer said...

Happy Birthday old man. Haha-I kid, I kid. Hope you have a good one! Man, you guys have been racking up on Birthdays these past few weeks. That and June must be the bday months!!! :)

Leesa said...

Happy Birthday to Wes! I enjoyed helping ya'll celebrate.