Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beach Photos Part I

We've had a great week at the beach, and today we made it home safe and sound. We were in a more remote beach at Cape San Blas. Except for Jackson not sleeping well all week (waking up in the middle of every night, and then again between 4-5 in the morning...and not napping well!) it was perfect. We discovered that Jackson is definitely a beach baby and he is also fearless. I'll post a video later of him crawling into the ocean - not stopping at the waves or anything! He's so funny - he'd just crawl all through the sand, not caring a bit about it. So, here's some pics from the first few days:

We definitely don't travel light....stroller, ice maker, coolers, awning, umbrella - you name it, we probably had it.

Sunday was a little cloudy w/ scattered showers - here you can see one off to our east.

Since the weather was not great, and we hadn't set up camp yet, we took Jackson for a little walk, and we lulled him to sleep (until we got him to the house).

At the end of our long board walk to the beach was this how exactly were we supposed to get to the beach - we dead-ended into the dunes, lol.

Monday - Jackson's first big day at the beach! Here he's just chilling w/ daddy.

Cousin Thomas playing in the ocean.

We had a little pool for Jackson to play in and he loved it.

Like I said before - he loved the water!

Keith's shark that he caught :-)

After all that fun, who wouldn't get tired

Thomas shared his toys with J.

A good luck kiss for the fisherman ;)

Cousin Mason wants to fish, too.

Jackson and his cousins, Thomas and Mason

I love this one!!!

Nonnie and J who's trying to crawl outta her lap!

Wes caught several Gafttop Catfish - this one's a little over 3 pounds!

Out little angel who loved playing in the water. What a great trip - we love the beach!!! More pics to follow later...


Tammy said...

How adorable little J is in his swimsuit! Looks like y'all had a ball. We are headed to Farley's place in 2 weeks! YIPEE!!

Valarie said...

Oh I can not wait to go in a couple of weeks. It can not get here fast enough. :)