Sunday, June 1, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

He's a growing boy these days...I love the days that we spend together all day! Jackson's such a ham, but he's just too quick to catch a smile on the camera these days. I guess I'm gonna have to break down and buy a good one with a really fast shutter speed! But until then, here's what I've got :D

The sad part of the day was packing up all the clothes that no longer fit. Sadder than I thought it would be, especially those that he wore as a newborn and had been stuffed in the back of the closet for the past 3 or 4 months!!! All moms here know what I mean....

A quick glimse up while playing in the kitchen floor

3 ways to tell J's had a good nap...1 - the mohawk that forms on top..2 - the swirl to the left...3 - the swirl to the right ;)

Sweet boy!

Compare this to previous chair pics and see how big he is now!!!

S0, I had to fight to get this one and it shows b/c the pic is blurry- Jackson's got 4 teeth now, but he never let's me see the top 2, so I basically laid him down and tickled him to get this one...cute, aren't they.
I love our days that we get to spend with Jackson!!!

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Valarie said...

Found you from over at Tammys place.

Thank goodness I found you, because I felt like I was getting outnumbered by Alabama fans, so its good to see another Auburn fan. :)

War Eagle!