Sunday, June 29, 2008

More of the Beach

Hope you're not sick of the beach pics yet because I've got a ton more! Sorry, but it was hard to pic just a "few" from the hundreds I had to choose from, but here goes.

It was really hard to photo Jackson. If you've been to the beach you know how tricky the lighting is. J was up at 4, but ready to take a nap by 8 or so when the light was good. And when we love to take pics - at sunset - he was asleep. So,we just snapped whenever we could :D

I was amazed at how much he loved playing in the sand! And he only ate it a couple of times, lol.

The boy loved his pool!

With Nonnie and Pops

Three generations of Rankin men

Our Family!

J loved crawling through the sand and had a great time at the beach

Baby handprints in the sand...

My guys!

So, you've seen pics of the guys and their fish - well, girls fish, too! I usually am aiming for whiting (good to eat) or croakers (good for the guys to throw out the bigger rods with), but by pure chance, I got a shark!!! Here's my first shark - a little black tip. Poor guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but no worries, he back in the ocean safe and sound after these pics!

Every little man needs to wear his daddy's hat for a bit , right???

Have I mentioned he loved the sand ;)

fearless little one

Keith, Carson, and Shawna


He's the greatest :)

Loving the beach!

Like we've said, Baby J's fearless! Watch how he crawls into the water and it doesn't faze him. We think until it's hits hit face or knocks him over, he'll just laugh at it!!!


Ash said...

Oh my gosh, Heather! That is so cute! I love the video. I've never seen a baby so brave:)

Valarie said...

Those pictures are so cute! The one of him in the cowboy hat is so cute! :)

AliDyer said...

I too love the hat pic, family shot, and the video! That is HILARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the pictures of Jackson crawling on the beach. He is certainly not afraid of the water. He's a cutie!!!

Leesa said...

Hey Heather. I love all of the pics. We just got back from the beach, today!