Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sincerely Fro' Me to You - He's a Harvey

This all originates at We are THAT Family's blog (check it out if you have a chance). This week I want y'all to see Jackson's pic and then look at pics of me and Noel Mark when we were younger. Tell me he doesn't have some Harvey in him! Ok, so here's a pic of the dear child yesterday. Btw - it's so hard to get the child still and get his pic these days. Almost impossible to get him still and smiling b/c he's always on the move...I'm remember Daisy's comment about him doing extreme sports one day, and it's seeming like that more and more likely each day, lol.

Now, I considered cropping the next pic, but I figured everyone should get the full effect of my lovely outfit. I think I was 3 in this pic, so that would make it....1982! aka a long time ago! See the resemblance between my child and myself? He's got my cheeks and lips I believe.

Now, I liked this one not because J and I look alike in it, but notice what I'm doing...playing in the grass (see the pics from a few posts ago). Yes, that's definitely where he gets it. The child cares nothing about dirt - and he gets it honest. Did I mention I was a tomboy.... I guess in a few years when he's making mud pies I'll be right beside him :)

All right, doesn't he look like NM here? Several of you have told me that you think he looks like him, and look at these pics - he does!!!

Ok - one more. NM may kill me for this one - but Jackson has been making this funny face for the past couple of weeks, and now I see where he gets it, lol. That scrunched up nose followed by a laugh. If I could only catch it on camera so you could see it. Thanks Uncle Noel ;-) So - does he look like us when we were little???

It's so fun to pull out and look at these old photos! I love the idea of sharing the past - some of you knew us when we were like this, and some of you are seeing it for the first time. Join in the fun!!!


We are THAT Family said...

Wow! He does favor you-especially in the picture of you as a baby! Isn't fun to see us in our kids? Unless it's bad-and then it's our hubby's fault!

Thanks for joining the fun!

Tammy said...

Loving the "old" photos....miss smarty pants, I was in 9th grade in 1982! :-P

Jackson does heavily favor your brother!

'Fro Me to You is definitely my favorite thing going on Thursdays!

Valarie said...

Yep he certainly looks like y'all. He is such a cutie! :o)

jennifer said...

I can see it! You are right - there is Harvey there!

OK, I am really just patronizing you.

BUT! No Doubt, little man is a CUTE KIDDO!

Be blessed.