Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me to You

This is something that I got from Tammy's blog, and she got from Dust Bunny Hostage blog. Basically the idea is that every Thursday a post is made that is nostalgic. So, today I've picked a couple of pictures that I could lay my hands on quickly and get up on the site. They're a couple of pics that I love of Noel Mark and fact, they reside on our dresser. Noel Mark and I were so close when we were little, and we are now, but there were those teenage years when we just were quite the best of friends.

This is classic - we are in our Catholic school uniforms and all...I know you're jealous that you didn't get to wear these to your childhood school. I think I was probably 7 and NM was 6 in this one.

This one is a few years before and absolutely cracks me up. For one, am I hugging or choking NM? 2, check out those socks he's got on!!! 3, we've basically got on matching outfits. Thanks Mom!!! I know this was a short one, but check out the other blogs that do this. It's such a fun thing going down memory lane, and I hope I can get more pics up next week :D


jennifer said...

Heather, this is TOO CUTE! Yeah, I just love those socks.

Glad that you found Kristen and Sincerely Fro Me to You. It is an opportunity to be proud of those sometimes best forgotten pics. Show 'em off instead of hide them away.

Thank you for the lovely shout out!

Be blessed.


jennifer said...

OH. And may I ask, are you an Alabama Blogger also? Is Tiger Tales and your Blog colors representative of your, ahem, college football team of choice?

Be Blessed.

Jen (on Roll Tide Avenue)

Tammy said...

How cute are you two?! And the tube socks are just fantastic, but see I wore them while in middle school. :-)

AliDyer said...

I love the socks. Haha, I'll be sure to ask him about that-those precede his soccer days? Too adorable! :)

Valarie said...

I love the choking, I mean hugging picture, and the socks, well they are just awesome! :o)