Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Belated B'day Bro!

I must first apologize to my dear brother for being way behind in this post! I was going to include it with the post Thursday, but kinda forgot (but those are such great pics of when he was little, lol) and then at the beach couldn't... So, Happy Belated B'day, and I hope you had a great trip to Alaska - although those that know you, know you have a great time anywhere you go :D And, now that my b'day has past, we aren't the same age anymore...I guess the older we get, the more you won't want to be my age for those 5 days- haha. Glad y'all are back safe and sound and hopefully we'll celebrate our b'days together soon!

AU 7 - LSU 3 game 2006 - WAR EAGLE!!!

Beach pics and post are on the way...I'll probably have to do it in a couple of posts - lots of pics to show everyone :)


AliDyer said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!!! :)

Trisha Ping said...

Hi Heather -- I found your blog from Allison's and Jackson is a total doll! Also, I can't believe I've known you and Noel all these years and not realized you guys were also "Irish twins." Charlie and I are the same age for 11 days and it used to be a major bone of contention. Nowadays I don't fight quite so hard to be the oldest. : )