Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

First we want to say Happy Father's Day to our fathers (and grandfathers)!!!

Y'all are great!!!

And, of course, Wes is such a great father, as well - Happy Father's Day, my love! As he tells me all the time, he's batting 1.0 (if you don't watch baseball - that's perfect)- Jackson's alive and well every day when I get home. He's such a great daddy, and we're so lucky that he's able to keep Jackson right now while he's in school. It's easy to see that Jackson loves his daddy, and it's also easy to see that a man keeps him often - he's all BOY!!!

My guys :D

We learned this weekend that it's getting harder to travel with Jackson. He's attached to his home and his routine, and he gets in a funk when he's away from it, even for a couple of nights. It was hard to get him to sleep this weekend when he was in the hotel with us, and he woke up in the middle of the night each time and needed coaxing to get him back asleep. Oh well - hope the beach easier than this weekend was because we're there for the whole week!!! Even when he was crying (or screaming at the top of his lungs) he's still so darn cute, you just have to just hug him and smile (yes, even at 1 in the morning)!!! I think he's got a few more teeth about to pop through as well, and his mouth is probably bothering him...

Jackson is always crawling around and has become more adventurous and now will take a step or two away from something towards the next thing he's headed for - like from chair to chair in the kitchen! AGGHHH!!! You'll note the tuperware top beside him - I've found it's so funny because it's often the simplest of items that can entertain a child. Yes, there are all those fancy toys and whatnot, and yes, we have lots of them, but a frisbee and a tuperware top can keep him happy for a long time :)

Once again, Happy Father's Day to everyone out there, especially Wes, Noel (Granddad), and Lance (Pops)!


AliDyer said...

I love those little teeth!!!

Happy father's day wes!

Tammy said...

CUTE photos. We used to open up the tupperware cabinet and Caleb would help himself and play for a LONG time with those containers and lids. I often would find him IN the cabinet too!